Due to the fast pace of life, stress and lack of focus on a complete diet, many people lack vital substances in their diets, such as amino acids, minerals, trace elements and natural collagen and its synthesis in the body slows down with age.

In fact the amount of collagen in the human body decreases by 1% every year (1), and since the age of 40, collagen synthesis in the human body decreases by an average of 22%. So it is vital for adults to include quality collagen rich foods in their diets. Taking our product daily can help your bones to become denser, improve joint health, slow down the ageing process, improve skin hydration, elasticity and gut health.

We aim at shifting people to healthier diets and serving people with special needs for targeted nutrition by offering wholesome food with high concentration of collagen proteins.


Every year, the global slaughter industry generates 130 billion kg of animal waste. About 10% of this waste is generated in the European Union. This is a significant loss of raw materials and process un-sustainability. The importance of this issue is also highlighted by the Circular Economy Package adopted by the EU in December 2015, which identifies raw materials that are disposed of as waste as one of the key challenges. To meet this growing challenge, the food industry is looking for new technologies to improve the use of such waste to develop useful products.

We believe our product can serve well especially today when people understand the negative impact of non-natural ingredients on human health and the environment. We turn animal origin by-products to a valuable product and preserve it. We are strong believers in the mean of circular economy to mitigate the climate change. And if our project, even to a small extent, contributes to make our planet more sustainable, it’s worth doing it. Cause there is no planet „B” for us to move in to.


I was looking for a premium quality, natural form of collagen to improve my skin and joint health. I knew that bone broth is the best source of it. But all liquid broths have to be consumed in a few days once opened, requiring a fridge and is not convenient to consume at the gym, in an office, while travelling, or simply – at home. As an alternative I bought hydrolysed collagen as a supplement, however, the process of how it is made and the taste of it was far from desired.

So I came up with the idea to make a product that is a 100% natural, tasty and long lasting source of collagen that could be easily included into a diet: taken to the office, on a plane, at the gym, or on a camp-out and ideal to use while intermittent fasting.

To create it, I gathered a team of science, technologists and professionals to create a high-quality dry, concentrated bone broth that is full of different types of collagens, predominantly I, II, II types, that tastes great and is easy to include in an everyday diet wherever one is. The result – a broth that is so simple, yet does magic to your body and mind!

We are a synergy of innovation & practice, a team of researchers and technologists passionate about collagen proteins, bone broth and sustainability, we are MAGIC BROTH! Our goal is clear yet challenging - to make the world’s best natural source of collagen. 

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